Because inclusivity is beautiful!

In the built environment, it’s the sweet spot where design and function blend seamlessly to bring people together.

In life, it’s the sweet spot of knowing you are respected, safe, loved and supported.

Accessibility Assessment

Are you looking for a Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certified Professional to help you renovate before assessment, or assess and rate your existing or future build? I would love to help you get RHF Accessibility rated.


Are you looking for help to make your existing or future build more accessible but not rated through RHF? Are you looking for guidance to hit your goals for the MLI Select program requirements and attestation? I would love to help you reach your goals.


Are you looking for someone to speak about living life with disabilities, accessibility in all forms, and inclusivity at your event, office, or school? I would love to plan something for you.

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    Every single day I need to explain how universal, accessible design does not mean ‘only people with disabilities’ can use an accessible space… that when designed thoughtfully, accessibility increases ease of use and equity for ALL people. Apple’s new ad… Continue reading “The entire point of inclusivity is that it is not exclusive!”…

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After seeing Jayde’s amazing insight and fantastic presentation skills I invited her to join the team of subject matter experts at Sustainable Buildings Canada‚Äôs Savings By Design program Read more …